about us

The Future is Impending

Welcome to Impending, Inc., a new studio formed by Phill Ryu and David Lanham.

You probably don’t know of us by name, but there’s a chance you’re familiar with a product we’ve worked on in the past – MacHeist, The Heist, Classics and Twitterrific are our calling cards. We are crazy proud of them and especially proud of the millions of happy customers these products have served over the years.

But the two of us feel ready for something different. Despite some past success, we share an unshakable feeling that now is the time to take things to the next level.

So we formed a new studio. It’s called Impending, Inc. or Impending for short.

At Impending, we are going to tackle and wrangle into existence what we believe the near-future of apps should be, on our favorite devices.

We’re busy right now putting the finishing touches on our first creation with our friends Dan Counsell, who runs Realmac Software, and Milen Dzhumerov. It’s called Clear, and here’s a sneak peek:

Stay tuned by following us on twitter @impending, and thanks for stopping by!

- Phill & David