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The Internet reacts to Clear:

Clear IconThe interactive elements of clear are absolutely incredible… It’s actually ruined me for other list apps.

It’s about as minimalist as you can get, and seems to lack the usual task manager visual bric-a-brac, instead opting for an interesting set of gestures for navigation
The Verge

The truth is that the gestures Clear takes for granted are the same ones we’re all starting to take for granted with touchscreen interfaces… Sure, an ancient Greek might be momentarily perplexed by a modern doorknob if he were to be teleported into the 21st century. But that doesn’t mean no one should have ever invented doorknobs.
Fast Company Design

Realmac product manager Nik Fletcher gave Ars a preview of the app on the show floor… Because of the app’s simplicity, though, it didn’t take him more than about 30 seconds to show us the entire functionality. That actually speaks volumes about the app’s design—it gets out of your way so you can spend more time doing and less time making lists and sorting them.”
Ars Technica

While this isn’t a review, let’s just say that I wish every developer put this much time and attention into making apps that are intuitive and simple to use.

The response has been absolutely incredible. More after the break!

It’s really just pared down to the most base functionality of this todo list and made smooth and slick and good-looking… it’s kind of eye candy but it’s so simple and easy to understand the ideas behind it and works the way you’d expect it to work.
BoingBoing Gweek Podcast

Clear features a unique new UI and interaction scheme that raises the bar for mobile apps. I’ve been beta testing it and can attest that the video is an accurate reflection of the overall experience… From my time with the app, Clear has a great look and more importantly, a great user interface.

This app feels like an app for the future.
Francisco Inchauste

When the beta came, I felt the kind of surprise and delight in using Clear I hadn’t experienced, I believe, since the original Tweetbot beta. Clear is one of those apps that redefine interaction schemes and navigation patterns…

Clear is something special… To-do list managers are a dime-a-dozen on iOS, but Clear has managed not only to turn the competition on its head with a revolutionary new way to interact with your lists, but it does so without any visible interaction or UI buttons. And it looks just super fun to use.
Cult of Mac

The upcoming Clear app is designed to be user intuitive through it’s minimal design and simple hand-gesture commands.

Clear is a to-do list app, and it looks to fill a much-needed hole on the App Store… despite there being tremendous innovation in app development, I feel this is one area that app developers haven’t really nailed. For whatever reason, I’ve yet to fall in love with any tasking app I’ve tried. But it looks like Clear has a fair shot at being the very thing I’m looking for.

A minimalist take on the to do / list manager app, focusing on simple gestures to manage all elements of the list

I’ve been testing it for some weeks and it’s the slickest and best to do list ever.
Simon Flesser

It’s not often that I get excited about task apps… While I’ve seen several task apps that try to make managing my tasks as painless as possible, Clear, an upcoming app created by Realmac Software and new studio Impending, actually looks like it will make recording my tasks easy to do and even a little fun.

You can also read a couple interviews into some of the design philosophies behind the app on VentureBeat, Mashable and MacStories.

We are still absolutely blown away by the reaction to the Clear video preview – it’s already been viewed close to 350,000 times! Thank you everyone for the interest, excitement and views… and in case you were wondering, we are definitely burning the midnight oil with friends Dan and Milen in an effort to deliver the app into your hands. Now back to work for us!

Be sure to follow @UseClear and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s out!