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Clear for Launch

Three months ago, my friend Dan Counsell at Realmac Software hit me up with a mockup for a goals-focused todo app he was tinkering on with his engineer friend Milen Dzhumerov. It was simple, and it looked different.

I was intrigued, then over the span of an hour chatting with Dan, became obsessed with a feverish vision that can only be described as “without buttons and chrome and extraneous features or distractions”. So David and I promptly became sucked into the project and carried away.

Fast forward to today, and I’m proud to announce that Clear, an Impending-infused take on todo lists, is finally available on the App Store!

With Clear, the mission was pretty simple. Get rid of the bullshit, and focus on easy, quick and flexible task entry and management. We looked at what was out there, and began by forgetting everything we saw.

Clear does not support recurring tasks, or scheduled appointments, due dates, tagging, searching, nested folders, or notes. We understand these things can be useful. But we contend they can also be distractions, microdecisions, and UI clutter that add up into just another form of procrastination.

What Clear does support is doing. Simply, rapidly, and in a satisfying way. Here’s how it works:

Our goal was not to one-up the myriad of more complicated and featured GTD solutions out there, but rather to improve on the pencil and notepad.

We’re curious to hear if you think we succeeded. Try it out and let us know what you think!

And be sure to check the announcement blog post on Realmac Software’s blog: Clear is Here