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Clear: Now Mac Friendly

This spring, the Clear team started thinking a lot about the way we use our Macs, and how Clear might best fit into this very different platform.

As we dove into this new problem to solve with Dan and his crew at Realmac Software and Milen and Chris of Helftone, we learned that the puzzle unique to this platform is the many different ways people like to interact with their Macs, so we made sure the app was fast and friendly to use from many angles.

We chased questions like, “Why can’t new items simply appear as you type?” and “Why do we need to click things to select them, can we cut that unnecessary step?” to some interesting new places:

And now it’s finally here! Check it out directly on the Mac App Store! Remember, the $6.99 launch sale ends tomorrow night.

We look forward to your ideas on making it even cooler.

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