about us


Once upon a time, we just couldn’t shake a simple idea.

David and I felt strongly that the iPhone was the perfect home for a pet, and that nobody was tackling it with the attention and care the idea deserved… We knew we needed to find the right partners to make this dream a reality.

As it turned out, we shared a friend who connected with this vision: Dan Counsell of Realmac Software.

It was both an almost childishly simple idea and our most ambitious rabbit hole yet. Everything about it felt right, and after pitching him the project in more detail he was in.

From that point on things began to move. Dan recruited talented game developer Ted Bradley for the project and we embarked together, in secret, to create the first app that loves you back. We called it Project Hatch.

Through its ongoing development Team Hatch has grown to family size and we are now lucky to have talented engineers and friends Raphael Mun, Karl von Randow and Jay Meistrich helping us bring our pet to life. The app has a sound, thanks to master sound designer Emily Ridgeway, a beautiful soundtrack composed by Josh Mobley, an adorable creature voice provided by voice actress Jorjeana Marie, and a friendly guide in Max, voiced by Lisa Biggs. We are all pouring a lot of love into this app!

And today, we’re ready to share a sneak peek at what the team has been busy incubating.

Say hello to our little friend at HatchPet.com!