Heads Up! at Impending

Update 03/23/21: We found someone! But we will likely be looking for a great 6th teammate later this year, so if this sounds interesting please reach out!


We’re looking for an engineer to join us at Impending – a tiny studio of four (@phillryu, @dlanham, @austinsarner and @kirizoid) best known for our work on the innovative listing app Clear that pioneered gestures like the side swipe, and the party game Heads Up! that we design and develop for The Ellen Show.

Heads Up! continues to enjoy success in the App Store over 5 years past its initial release, which is an almost unheard of longevity for mobile games. It’s beloved by tens of millions of players around the world and brings a lot of joy and silliness to friends and family throughout the year, especially during holidays.

We love pop culture here at Impending and it’s been a thrill over the years seeing Heads Up! absorbed right into it:

The game is a relatively mature product but we’re looking to rearchitect it, refresh its design and make things more fun for players and more tempting for customers for the next ten years. It’s a lot, but we hope to accomplish it with the right new teammate.

Here’s what we can promise:

If this sounds like a promising fit, we’re excited to hear from you!

Send us an email at partners@impending.com with a bit about you and your work history and let’s take it from there.

And if it’s not a perfect fit but interesting, reach out anyways, we’re creative people and maybe we can figure out something.

- Phill, Kirill, David & Austin